Richard James Spring 2015

All this week I’ll be posting my review on the Men’s Collections for Spring 2015

Go on a safari adventure with Richard James! At least, that was the theme that I got from this collection. I really did love this collection. It was clean, sophisticated, but you could still stand out for all the RIGHT reasons with his collection. You can tell they put thought into the pieces, and the collection as a whole.

I really fell in love with the first two looks of the collection. I need those two military jackets in my closet, right now! The shirts are also floral, and I love me some floral shirts.

One of the ideas that I loved was using maps as a pattern; it gave a worldly feel to the collection. It was shown in a variety of forms: shirts, pocket squares, and ascots. For some people, it may be too much, but for me it gives the right amount of camp to be still sophisticated.

The suits were also cut in a modern way: slim cut with one to two button holes and a higher armhole cut, which gives the slim effect. These types of suits are a trademark of Richard James. It gives an edge to the modern gentlemen.

Throughout the collection, Richard James also played with embroidery. On various suits and jackets, there were little floral embroideries on the sleeve and the chest of the garments. It was nice to see a feminine touch on an otherwise masculine suit.

However, I can’t help what Miranda Priestly would think of the floral designs…


Overall, I really liked the collection. It was simple, modern, clean and fun! If I could afford the suits and everything in the collection, I would buy them. But alas, college student = no money. Until next time!


All images are not mine and belong to and their respective owners.


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