Christopher Kane Menswear Spring 2015

All this week I’ll be posting my review on the Men’s Collections for Spring 2015

Minimalism with an edge. That is what I would call the Christopher Kane Menswear Spring 2015 Collection. The collection is simple enough for one to wear everyday, but still out there to be different and to stand out of the crowd. Not only is there monochrome in his collection, but there are also splashes of colors used in magical ways.

I loved how he used pinstripes and positioned them in different directions. You would think that it would come out looking horrible, but the execution of the pinstripe patterns looked great! It looked great from the jackets to the suit, and everything in-between.

There was also an interesting t-shirt design featuring sheer raglan sleeves, with a matching pocket square. I thought is was a nice touch, especially if you’re wearing it on a hot summer day.

The outerwear in this collection had great pieces that could translate to day-to-day wear. It has the classic cut and appeal that could last many seasons.

Christopher Kane also used a lot of color blocking, which looked amazing. I especially loved the multi-colored shirt with all the colors of the rainbow. It looked like it was made with water-color. Loved the artistry of it.

The tailoring of this collection is amazing! Double-breasted blazers and slim cuts rule this collection. I also thought the knee patches were an interesting touch, something different.

The whole collection flows perfectly from mono-chrome to vivid color. I would wear a majority of the pieces this collection! All the items would be great for any occasion, at any point throughout the year, and would last for multiple seasons. When this collection is released, go to buy it (and send me some pieces too)! Or if you’re looking for some of last seasons clothing, it’s on sale now at! Now, go out and spread your fashion knowledge and become the best person you can be!


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