Topman Design Spring 2015

All this week I’ll be posting my review on the Men’s Collections for Spring 2015

The Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection season is upon us! This week I’ll be reviewing some of the designers for the London Collections Men’s S/S 15. Now when I say review, I mean that it’s my personal opinion. I’m no fashion expert, so take what I say very cautiously. I’m still learning a lot when it comes to fashion, so please don’t throw your Louboutins at me!

Topman Design presented their Spring 2015 with an homage to the 1970s and the 1990s. Topman’s creative director, Gordan Richardson, stated that his design was influenced by “Britpop on one end and Woodstock at another”. You could defiantly see where he got his inspirations from in the collection.

In the entire collection, there were only a couple of pieces that I really liked and would wear.

Personally, I really like the sweater on the right. The pattern reminds me of a Missoni sweater. (Fun fact: I bought a Missoni by Target from the Salvation Army for $2.50! Such great deal!)The sweater on the left would be a fun sweater that I would probably wear in real life as a statement piece.

Some of the 70s inspired actually worked. The look below is one example of the perfection execution of the 1970s.

Topman 3
It reminds me of Saturday Night Fever, in a good way. The shirt looks great, and the vest is fitted nicely. The pants are eh, but so were some of 70s fashion. Some were hits, and some were misses.

The collection also played around with mixing prints. Mixing prints can be tricky, but doing it well can make the outfit so much better.



The two looks above did a great job with mixing prints and colors. The prints are different enough from each other to make the garment look interesting, but they still complement each other and give a little bit of edge to your outfit.

However, most of the collection was just a hot mess buffet. A lot of the pants in this collection were flared at the end (see picture above), which personally, isn’t my cup of tea. There’s a reason why flared pants stayed in the 70s, and should only be brought back IF you are in costume as a character from the 70s. Other than that, they should stay in the WAY back of your closet.

While we also saw great mixtures of patterns in the previous looks, there were definitely some misses.

The pieces could defiantly work on a day-to-day basis if they were worn separately. However, putting it all together just creates an eyesore. But hey, if you would wear the pieces as is, more props to you. You could do something that I wouldn’t do.

The Topman Design Spring 2015 Collection had some great pieces. Great sweaters, floral shirts, and awesome t-shirts. However as a whole, it just didn’t do it for me. Click the link below to watch the full show.

As always, have an awesome day.


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One comment

  1. Love flares, better than the emaciated child skinny jean look which is truly terrible and long overdue a death. I will be buying a few pairs of flares. Topman, you have a new customer.

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